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Book of Ra has been so far one of those preferred online slot with their classic 5-reels and 10 paylines with the main character similar to Indiana Jones. Here adventures and a journey to the Ancient Egypt is what is awaiting for the players who are keen to this sort of game.

Find the pharaoh while looking for the Book of Ra



Book of Ra is the iconic Online Slot: everybody is looking for the hidden treasure

The search is all around an old book there the pharaoh Ramses left a message with the instructions how and where the treasure is hidden near the mythical pyramid.

In fact the book symbol is the one that will reward the most and it is featuring as scatter so finding those on a winning line will secure 10 free spins for you. The adventurer with his iconic hat still has a good sum to win, so it is worth to look for him as well. Other sacred symbol which are in line with the theme of slot are the scarab, the bust of the Pharaoh and the other hieroglyphic signs.

For each winning combination you got the chance to win up to 5 times in case you will strike the exact color of the next card will be found. The game is called Gamble because it is pure luck if the next card will be red or black and in case you not sure you can always take the winnings and go back to the main game. Easy to play even for those who are not familiar with this kind of slot, Book of Ra has grown within the years its success from the classic video slot on the casino landed to the online ones. Enjoy playing this amasing video slot using all the credits for free and if you run out, reload the game and you will get all the money back to play freely and instantly.