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The underwater world is awaiting for you thanks to the new online slot offered by Playtech, named Charms of the Sea. Here is the mermaid who will be the main character to look for since she will expand across the reels in different scenes. So you can admire her beauty while she is posing or floating under the sea with her half fish body.

Play for fun on the Playtech slot machine Charms of the Sea and enjoy all the features



Discover the under sea world playing with this unique mermaid and her features to explore

Graphics and sound effects used are amazing because the player can immerse himself under the water on each spin looking at the details used and same applies for the animation. Then thanks to the turbo option it is possible to speed up your spins and playing much faster: these are very important details when it comes to the game play structure. What you will find in these reels are mostly the main animals that populate the sea so octopus, yellow fish, sea horse and different type of pearls.

Apart of the expand mermaid symbol what is not to miss is the Wilds feature because once they are stacked can trigger more spins so the player can use it for free. They will appear randomly in different reels where they become sticky. After that there will be the wheel of fortune to spin to reveal the amount of wilds won and this is gonna be so much fun.