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"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" that's the way we want to introduce you one of the best Online Slot 3D offered by Betsoft Gaming: Weekend in Vegas. Indeed the title will remind you all the crazy stuff you can do in the City of Angels as the popular movie "The Hangover" proved that it can be true; so this is already a good start.

Are you ready to join these crazy bunch for Las Vegas weekend? Prove yourself if you can make it!



Free Spins and Money Wheel

The police car will chase these guys in Vegas and will be a great bonus to catch since there are up to 20 free spins to be awarded. Thanks to the scatter symbol, you will have also the Money Wheel to spin once finished the Free Spins. Adrenaline will not be missed during these sessions because if the wheel will land on the green arrow you will continue to the next level until you get to the center of the magic wheel and your prize will get bigger!

With 5 reels to spin and 243 ways to win, also the symbols take inspiration from the movie with their nicknames. So spinning this video slot you will find Loony Larry, Cautious Chris and Balanced Benny with all their values since can be stacked on the reel where thy will appear generating a consistent amount of winnings. Also collecting all of them will give you another re-spin for free and will trigger a bonus round.

125 coins is the maximum value to bet and for each winning line got, you will have the chance to double up your winnings flipping the coin. All you need to go is activate the Gamble Game and get your luck from your side because you need to choose if the coin will show "Head" or "Tails". You can keep going up to 5 winnings strike and then collect them all or else stop when ever you feel like, unless you won so far. If you got it wrong, then automatically the main game will appear and start again.